Owned now by mighty AMTRUST financial which partners with major manufacturers such as Bentley, Austin Martin, Chrysler, Volvo, Cadillac and GM as as Microsoft.

KARBIZ represents Warrantech to dealerships because of the strong backing with AMTRUST financial which results in solid dealership relations as well as top notch service to your consumers who purchase vehicles. Innovative and confident.

Warrantech's full line of products and programs include:

▪Customizable Vehicle Service Contracts
(ex. 52 month/ 68,000 miles)

▪Limited warranties (3/3000 powertrain)

▪Dealer Branded Warranties

▪NIADA/ Certified Pre-Owned Warranty with Wrap

▪Gap Protection

▪Tire and Wheel

▪Appearance Protection  (Paintless Dent Repair, Interior Fabric Protection, Key Replacement)

▪Theft Protection( $5000 benefit, Identity Recovery Plan)

▪Pre-Paid Maintenance


For more information call: (808) 488-0608 or email info@karbiz.com